Britons Flock Camber Sands Beach, England | Walking Tour June 2020

We are starting the day at Camber Sands, England. Heatwave hits England with 32 degrees for a first time on the 24th of June 2020. These record temperatures encouraged Britons to flock Camber Sands Beach and as a result it was full. Camber Sands is the only sand beach in East Sussex, UK.

This makes it very attractive for all Brits willing to enjoy the sunshine and to dive in the wavy water. Due to the Covid-19 many people will not be able to travel and visit other countries. That is why Camber Sands area is so full today.After midday the roads were completely blocked. The police had to interfere and close the village. All the vehicles trying to enter the resort were causing a very severe traffic congestion. The beach was full and the latecomers were advised to look for other close beaches.

In today’s material you will find out:

  1. Camber sands – how to get there?
  2. Beach activities
  3. Food recommendations

Camber sands – how to get there?

When heatwave hits England with 32 degrees we all need a beach. Camber Sands in located in East Sussex, England. It is around 2 hours drive from London. The perfect day trip or weekend getaway. You will not spend long time traveling. This means more time to relax on the beach and sunbathe. The easiest way to get there is by car. You have to pay for the car park through your mobile. If you prefer public transportation you can take the train to Rye. It is about 4 miles away from Camber Sands. Under the current government restrictions the coach trips are not an option.

Britons Flock Camber Sands Beach June 2020

My best advise is to get there as early as possible. The record temperatures in UK are the reason so many Britons to flock Camber Sands Beach, England. Most of the UK beaches do not have sand. Camber Sands is an exception and a reason why it is so popular. On a hot day by 11 am it is already full of crowds. If you go late you might not even get the chance to see the beach. The police are closing the whole resort and only residents can pass through.

Beach activities

Hot weather and nice cool water. The dream of everyone. Camber sands allows you to enjoy the sun with your family. Plus you can even have you dog’s company. The beach is pet friendly. So much fun for the children to run around and play with them.

Britons Flock Camber Sands Beach June 2020

Do not forget to bring a parasol. The heatwave will not be pleasant for you unless you have some shade to chill. To make your experience even better, stay hydrated with a lot of water. Avoid eating heavy food before you go in the water. Mentioning the food, we can spot many barbecue lovers. Bringing your own barbecue is allowed, but you have to be careful when it comes to fire. A good cooler bag is recommended. Grab your favourite drinks and keep them refreshingly chilled inside. This will save you money and effort.

Meanwhile you can finish your book and forget about any troubles. Why don’t you use the time to plan your next trip in the UK. Here are some books full of great ideas:

Britons Flock Camber Sands Beach June 2020

Food recommendations

Camber Sands is a great place to visit when heatwave hits England. Britons Flock Camber Sands Beach, England, because the village offers quite a range of food options. Everyone can find something for their taste. Just next to the beach are:

  • The Marina Cafe
  • Rye Bay Cafe
  • Kit Kat Cafe
  • Anthony’s Pizzeria
  • Fish me a dish

Have a walk and find what suits your taste. All of them currently offer only take away. Please check online to make sure they will be open on the day of visit.

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