Evening London Walk in Covent Garden 2020

London has many popular areas. Probably the most well-known among locals and tourists is Covent Garden. It is a perfect place for shopping, eating and exploring the unique atmosphere which the capital has to offer. Covent Garden is located in the central area, Zone 1. The public transport has convenient links to get there by Tube or bus.

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How to get there?

Getting to one of the most popular areas in London is easy. With its central location Covent Garden is a favourite spot for meeting friends and family. London Underground is one of the best and fastest ways to get around the city. Get off at Covent Garden Station and you will find yourself in the middle of lively and crowded little streets. Piccadilly Line is serving the station. Visiting Covent Garden is an experience. Plenty of shops grab the attention with colourful windows. They display the latest trends and welcome everyone in. If you prefer to be able to explore more while reaching this destination, then there are plenty of bus options.

Christmas atmosphere in Covent Garden

London always looks amazing at Christmas time. The streets are bright with their lights and decoration. Special place in our hearts has Covent Garden. This area becomes a real fairy tale at Christmas. You can not miss the giant hand-picked Christmas Tree which is displayed every year as a tradition at Covent Garden. The tree and the decorations are the most anticipated and always greet a lot of people. Every year the tree in Covent Garden comes form the same farm and after Christmas will be recycled into wood chips. Locals come to admire the beauty of Christmas. This year is not the typical celebration. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic people are not allowed to gather together. After the second lockdown in England, let’s try to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year, but also to care for each other and follow the rules.


Favourite activity for many people is shopping. Of course right before Christmas it is essential for everyone to find the best gifts for their loved ones. Browsing the shops in Covent Garden is easy. Everything is in one place and you do not need to waste time and energy. The shops here always have great gift ideas and for sure you can find all you need.

In Covent Garden you can purchase high-street fashion brands. Affordable retailers currently attracting with sales and discounts. Furthermore, many luxury shops also have their place here. The variety of shops gives the opportunity to all of you to find something. The list includes: Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Apple, H&M, NARS, Kiko Milano, MAC and many more. Full list you can find here: https://www.coventgarden.london/shop.

The second lockdown in England closed all of the non-essential retailers until 2.12.20. We all hope this situation will improve and after the lockdown ends we will have the chance to enjoy a wonderfu Christmas shopping.

Where to eat in Covent Garden?

Covent Garden is famous for its great restaurants and pubs. Until 2.12.20 all of them are closed for eat-in. You can still enjoy a take-away or home delivery from most places.

Let’s have an overview of the most recommended places to eat in Covent Garden:

  1. Margot – One of London’s best Italian restaurants. Enjoy your favourite dish with a lovely glass of wine. This restaurant has over 350 wines from around the world. It is spectacular! Visit the link to explore the menu: https://www.margotrestaurant.com/
  2. Frenchie – It is a modern French brasserie. Frenchie brings Paris to you with delicious traditional meals. Choose between a set menu, a la card menu, tasting menu. Combine with a nice glass of wine. More information here: https://www.frenchiecoventgarden.com/
  3. The Barbary – This restaurants brings the Middle East and the Mediterranean to you. Impressive cuisine that will bring joy to you and everyone who decides to try it. Full menu here: https://thebarbary.co.uk/food-drink/
  4. More options include: The Petersham, Hawksmoor Seven Dials, The Ivy, Frog by Adam Handling and more.

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