London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames

London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames

England is famous for its many green spaces, parks and natural reserves. London is a big city, which most people consider as busy and crowded. Every city like this has its own unbelievable peaceful hidden gems. This one is a must for every nature loving tourist. It is favourite area for the locals – Richmond. Richmond Park is a home of 630 deer. They live freely on its premises.

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Richmond town


Richmond area is a town in South-West London. It is located in fare Zone 4 on London Underground. Therefore being part of the London Undergound network, Richmond is very easy to reach. Additionally it is a lovely and quiet residential area. If you are visiting and want to stay there, here are some options for accommodation:

London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames


In order to get on any kind of transport in London you need an Oyster card. Also you can use a contactless bank card. Using the Underground you just need to tap the card on the reader. Do the same when entering and exiting the stations. Get the District line or National Rail to station Richmond. Enjoy a nice walk around the main street. You can find it just outside the station. You can have a lovely lunch in one of the many cozy restaurants. 10 minute relaxing walk will get to the riverside.

Richmond Riverside

Hampton Court Palace, London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames

Richmond riverside is unique. You can find people enjoying a walk with friends. Some prefer to sit in a cozy cafe with a view. Others are out for a run or a bike ride. Life in Richmond seems so relaxed.

If you have time, I would highly recommend the boat rides. They depart daily from St. Helena Pier. It is your choice whether you prefer to get a ride to Hampton Court Palace, Kingston or even all the way to Westminster (central London). Timetable and prices:

Richmond Deer Park

Richmond Deer Park is the main attraction for the visitors. Everyone who loves nature and animals is welcomed to greet the friendly deer. You can walk to reach the park from Richmond station. But you have the option to get a quick bus ride (371 or 65). Both will take you to the very beginning of the deer park – pedestrian gate at Petersham.

Richmond Deer Park is spreading on 360 acres land. As it is a large green space, I suggest at least 3 hours to see most of it. It is a natural nature reserve, offering a peaceful and welcoming environment for everyone. Please ensure that you do not scare the deer. Be careful, although they are friendly and calm, they are still wild animals. Do not touch or feed them.

I guess if you have the time, you want to see the most of the area. Walk a bit further to Isabella Plantation. It is right in the middle of the park with its beautiful and full of colour gardens. This is the perfect spot for a picnic.

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