London Oxford Street Christmas Lights 2020

The Christmas lights switch-on has always been a tradition is London. It is one of the biggest events, which everyone anticipates. Oxford street decoration and lights are one of the best in the city. Christmas in the capital is magical, but this year it might be different. We have to admit 2020 did not start well, but lets bring some Christmas spirit to finish it.

Keep reading if you want to know more about how central London prepares for Christmas:

  • Start: Tottenham Court Road
  • Oxford Circus, John Lewis, Debenhams
  • Selfridges
  • End: Marble arch

Start: Tottenham Court Road

Thinking about Christmas makes us smile. London is famous for its Christmas decorations. Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year will be different. One of the biggest events – Winter Wonderland has been cancelled. We are disappointed, but this would not ruin the most special time of the year.

One of the best Christmas lights switch-on is on Oxford Street. This busy shopping area transforms in November. Not only you can enjoy buying gifts, but also admire the mesmerizing lights. The big switch-on previous years was a celebration. The event was not only a switch-on. It was a concert with people gathering to enjoy. In 2019 the popular group the Script were official singers on Regent Street when the lights glamorously sparkled above the street.

Today we are walking through Oxford Street. Starting at Tottenham Court Road the lights are already on. No celebration or spectacular opening. Nevertheless the lights are beautiful. Thousands of people flocked to Oxford Street to see them.

The special switch-on unfortunately is followed by the second lockdown of the capital. The government announced the news just days before the Christmas lights debut. People came to Oxford street to purchase last minute gifts. We see many Londoners wandering between the colourful windows of the shops.

Oxford Circus, John Lewis, Debenhams

One of the best places to see the Christmas decorations is Oxford Circus. This place has always been busy, but today even more. The festive spirit is well represented by the giant lights boards. Each of them this year pays tribute to heroes who helped others in the tough times of the pandemic. What better way to encourage people to help and care for each other.

We can notice how people stop to read the lights boards and to take photos. Most of the shops do not have a lot of Christmas decorations, but we are sure this is about to change after the lockdown.

Two of the most visited shops on Oxford street are John Lewis and Debenhams. The department stores are the perfect place to find gifts and buy various types of goods. Finding everything under one roof makes the shopping trip easy and enjoyable. Before we continue, take a minute to admire how all of the trees on the street are covered in lights. The are leading the way between the East and the West part of Oxford Street.

Every year John Lewis covers the entire facade of the building in lights. It is absolutely amazing. This year is no exception and we can see how the Christmas atmosphere is slowly taking its place in the city. Debenhams store is not decorated yet, but stay tuned. We will show you every bit of their Christmas displays once they are up.

Right after Debenhams we will catch a glimpse of the New Bond Street lights. Bright and welcoming they proudly announce the most wonderful time of the year.


Continuing our Christmas lights walk we will pass Bond Street Station and come closer to Selfridges. This is one of the best stores on Oxford Street if you are looking for luxury brands. The shop is famous for its window displays, which change quite often. They always represent something new and fashionable.

Selfirdges is a must even if you are not a fan of the high-end brands. It is an experience to go inside and walk around, especially at Christmas time. They have the most amazing and unique Christmas lights and decors.

This year Selfridges are not rushing to expose what they have in mind for Christmas. We can see they have Christmas trees in the front, so let’s wait and see what eye-catching decoration will arrive soon!

End: Marble Arch

The end of this walking tour will be at Marble Arch. It is the West part of Oxford Street. Busy as always, we see people rushing between the shops to choose the best items. Primark is on of the top shops here. Always full of people, but especially before Christmas and the second lockdown. Primark and most of the shops extended their opening hours for the days before the four week closure of the non-essential shops.

Oxford Street will never disappoint us before Christmas. It is full of lights, colourful and special. The second lockdown will force most of these retailers to close for a while, but we are sure they will be welcoming all of us very soon.

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