London Bus Ride – Route 199 | Canada Water to Bellingham

Welcome back to my channel and my new video.
I sincerely hope that you enjoyed the last London bus ride video that I did, because today I am returning with another one.   

This time we will ride bus number 199 all the way from Canada Water bus station to Bellingham Catford Bus Garage.  This will include:

  1. Canada Water and Surrey Quays
  2. Greenwich
  3. Lewisham

Canada Water and Surrey Quays

The London bus ride will start from Canada Water area. It is a residential part of London, close to the river Thames. It is quite new and modern, you can see that from the style of the glass buildings. There is a nice small shopping center that the bus goes through – Surrey Quays shopping center. Currently it is still open, even with the Covid-19, because there is a big supermarket inside – Tesco and also a pharmacy – Boots.     The bus passes the shopping center and drives through a rather quiet and relaxing part of the neighbourhood, which has mostly houses and small shops. It is interesting to see the gradual change in the architecture in that particular part of the capital, as it goes from modern to a bit more old fashioned style. On the way you might see a few schools and kindergartens.     


Soon after we will dive into the Greenwich area, which is home of the Cutty Sark – a British ship transformed into a famous tourist attraction. It was originally built for the China tea trade, but was also used for carrying other goods.     The ship is basically on the pier, where you can enjoy peaceful and romantic views of the Thames and the passing by boats and ships. There are also restaurants and coffee shops.
The real treasure here is the hidden street food market. Absolutely delicious food from all over the world. The prices are very reasonable. Next to the food stalls you will find the antique market and some lovely handmade jewellery, photos of London and even clothes and scarfs. 

Greenwich University is also here, it is beautiful with its buildings design and you can visit some of them, when it reopens. It is very empty now, but trust me before the announcement of the pandemic, these places are full of life and crowded with locals and tourists.   

The bus makes a turn just before Greenwich park. This is one of my personal favourites when it comes to parks in London. It is a home of the National Maritime Museum and also the Royal Observatory, where the famous Greenwich Meridian is. The way to reach the observatory might be a bit exhausting as it is built on the top of a hill. But once you get there, it is totally worth it. Mesmerizing view not only to the area, but to the entire London, with the skyscrapers at the back.  


The bus continues to another residential area – Lewisham. Again, a nice shopping center and many other shops that fulfill the local peoples’ needs. Lewisham does not have an underground station, but has the DLR, which in case you don’t know is a train, operated entirely remotely. There are no drivers or staff onboard.   Similar views and houses style you will notice in the following neighbourhood, which is Catford, where this bus’s route ends.
Hopefully you enjoyed the ride and the empty, but still charming streets of London.

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