London Walk | London Bridge Station to Waterloo via Tate Modern

In this London walk you will see the following areas:

  1. London Bridge
  2. Tate Modern
  3. Waterloo

London Bridge

Today our London walk starts from London Bridge station, which is a major train and underground station in the capital. It is one of the busiest stations, but now it is almost empty, because the government announced new measures to protect people from the Corona virus outbreak and the streets of London and it’s most popular attractions are almost empty.

Many commuters use the station every day, especially because of its location. The area is full of offices and the easiest and quickest way for people to get there is by train. As we walk down, just across the street from the station is located the famous Borough Market. I doubt that there is someone living in London who has never been there. The street food market is one of the top recommendations by locals for lunch for tourists as well. It offers delicious treats from all over the world, so no matter what your taste is, you will find something that matches your preferences.

Our walk will take us to the riverside of the Thames. Here you can find some nice coffee shops and pubs if you want to try the traditional fish and chips. Currently most of them are not open as per government’s advice, but hopefully this situation will be solved soon. As we walk through the streets of London it looks like it turned into a ghost town. You can barely see a few people on the way.

Tate Modern

We continue our London walk to the Tate Modern which is another famous place to visit. As its name says it is a modern art gallery. There is no entry fee and the art exhibitions are worth seeing. Today’s walk will go through some residential areas as well, so you can see not only the tourist part of London, but also the buildings and streets where people normally live. As you can notice there are constructions going on, which suggests how many people still choose to come and live in London. The city is trying to build as much as possible to accomodate all of the people that see opportunity for life here.

In some of my other walks you saw the King’s College building in Aldwych and today we will see another building of the college which is located near Waterloo. Even though there are a lot of buildings, London does not lose its greenery. There are many small and bigger gardens hidden around them.


Last, but lot least in our London walk is Waterloo station. You are familiar with it from the previous videos. The usually crowded station today is empty. Most of the Londoners do not go to work due to the pandemic, so the station does not operate all of its services. Trains and underground are running with Sunday schedules and some of the services are completely suspended.

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