Portobello Market & Notting Hill [Walking Tour Map]

I am excited to visit one of the most famous markets in London – Portobello Road Market. After a few months in lockdown, the market is open again and people slowly return to the place that offers: vintage clothing, antiques, fruits and vegetables and more. Watch the entire video to see how the trade is going and if the market is working in full capacity.

Walking down the Portobello Road brings joy. You can see how the traders are excited to offer their goods again. Meanwhile, lockdown has been hard on all of them. Because of that they all put their heart and efforts to revive the business. The of of a kind road market is fascinating. Main reason is the things you can find there have history. The antiques are favourite for many collectors. Even tourists buy them as souvenirs. In addition they will make their homes more welcoming, well-decorated and definitely unique.

Highlights in the video
Portobello Market London
Notting Hill

Watch this walking tour on YouTube: https://youtu.be/LQMPyf5eDeM

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