London reopening 2020 | Walking from Millennium Bridge to London Eye

I am excited to take you with me to witness London reopening after three months of lockdown. The capital is coming back to life with people enjoying the nice and sunny weather. We have the chance to see transformation like no other. One of the most visited cities in the world overcoming a pandemic.

In this video I will show you central locations, including:

  1. Peter’s Hill London and St. Paul’s Cathedral
  2. Millennium bridge
  3. River Thames
  4. City of London Skyline view
  5. South Bank
  6. London Eye

Peter’s Hill London and St Paul’s Cathedral

London reopening means more lovely walks outside. As seen on many photos that tourist post from London, there is a place with a fantastic view towards St. Paul’s Cathedral and Millenium Bridge. It is called Peter’s Hill London. The small pedestrian path reveals wonderful views, especially if you want a great photo with the magnificent cathedral at the back.

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most famous landmarks in London. It is one of the many works of Sir Christopher Wren across the city. The dome is 111 meters high, which ranks it among the highest ones in the world. The cathedral held many services throughout the years, but memorable ones are the funerals of Admiral Nelson, Margaret Thatcher and more. Currently the cathedral is closed for visitors and services, but we look forward to its reopening soon. Attending a service is free, but if you want a tour inside, check the prices here:

Millennium bridge

Millennium Bridge is a footbridge, which makes it a perfect spot for photos. It connects St’. Paul’s Cathedral and City of London School with Tate Modern and Bankside Gallery. As you may notice currently there are not a lot of tourists, but even local people enjoy a nice walk in the sunshine. Going over the river Thames reveals beautiful views and takes only about 5-10 minutes. Today many people are out happy that they no longer have to stay at home due to the Covid- 19 pandemic.

River Thames

The Thames riverside has always been a preferable place for walks among locals and tourists. London reopening means we can do that more often. Today we can enjoy the street musician, who adds to the lovely atmosphere. Some of the coffee shops have opened and people gladly grab a cup of coffee or tea to go. People are still cautious and follow the two meters advice and keep their distance from each other. The sun is out and makes the day ideal for sport as well. Some are up for a jogging, others for a bike ride.

City of London Skyline view

We mentioned before the nice views and here are some more. On the other side or the river, in the distance, we see the City of London. In that area are located some of the tallest buildings in London. Some of them you can visit to enjoy a panoramic view of the capital. The Shard is a 309.6 meters high glass structure. It is visited by thousands of people every year. You can have a drink and be mesmerized by the view from the top. Price information: Similar one is Sky Garden. It is 160 meters high and completely free to visit. The rooftop terrace and bar will be perfect entertainment for an evening out. Book your free ticket in advance here: Keep in mind that both of them are temporarily closed, but check their websites for latest updates.

South Bank

Today we consider the South Bank the cultural part of London, mainly because of The Southbank Centre, National Theatre, and BFI film theatre. Their location on the South Bank, together with many restaurants, pubs and beautiful pedestrian walkway make the area popular among Londoners and visitors. Although presently these venues are not operating, people still enjoy their time here. Some places on the South Bank offer ice-cream and refreshments, which is more than enough for us.

London Eye

One more reason for tourists to recognize the South Bank is the symbolic for London – London Eye. Who does not know the giant Ferris wheel? London Eye is a phenomenal way to experience the best views from 135 meters height. It consists of 33 capsules. Each capsule can accommodate up to 25 people. Fun fact is that the capsules are numbered, but number 13 is skipped due to superstitious grounds. More that 3 million tourists visit the attraction every year. London reopening unfortunately does not mean every attraction will open immediately. Currently closed, the London Eye catches the eye of everyone passing by and most of us stop to take a photo, even though we can not go on it. To plan a future visit check the website here:

Hopefully you liked this delightful walk with plenty of sunshine and London finally getting back to normal. Lets see more together in the upcoming videos!

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