Big Ben is under construction

When people decide to visit London in their mind probably comes fist the thought of Big Ben – the giant clock tower, emblematic symbol of the city.

Unfortunate and very disappointing for all the tourists who have chosen to visit London
this year is the fact the Big Ben is all covered is scaffolding. Yes, it is under construction.

You probably think of how long it could take for such clock to be repaired and renovated. Well, the prognosis is that we will hear the bong of Big Ben again in 2021.

Despite the fact that the clock tower is all covered during the renovations, it is still one of the most visited attractions in London. Millions of people come to England’s capital every year aiming to see it. It is better to see Big Ben though the scaffolding rather than not see it at all.

There are a few reasons why the symbol of London is under construction. They are replacing the roof of the tower, which gets damages in time from rain and humidity. Also the frame of the bell needs to be changed with a new one. The colour of the clock will be changed with a new, more vibrant one.