London Walk | Lambeth Bridge to London Eye via South Bank [4K]

A first person London walk from Lambeth Bridge to London Eye via South Bank. Join me for a virtual walk and hear and feel the amazing atmosphere in London. See the streets of London in 4K. Any day is a good day for a relaxing walk in London.

In the video you will see:

  1. Lambeth Bridge
  2. South Bank and London Eye
  3. Houses of Parliament
  4. Westminster Bridge

Lambeth Bridge

Today we start our London walk from the heart of city of Westminster – Lambeth Bridge. One of the many crossing points of river Thames, this specific bridge reveals amazing view towards London Eye, Houses of Parliament and the tall buildings in the modern residential area Vauxhall.

South Bank and London Eye

We continue our walk through an area called South Bank. It is a famous tourist quarter, with one of the most visited attractions every year – London Eye. London Eye is probably the second most known attraction in the city after Big Ben. Both of them are located very close to each other, easy accessible from Westminster Underground station.

Houses of Parliament

We go further, close to the Houses of Parliament. As you probably guess by the name, yes, this is the Parliament of United Kingdom, where all the political disputes take place and all the decisions are made. Currently important issue the Parliament is dealing with is Brexit or the division of Great Britain from the European Union.

Westminster Bridge

Another crossing point of the Thames is Westminster Bridge. Spacious bridge used by thousands of people every day. It gives us the opportunity to stop and take a look at the magnificent views London has to offer. From one side the giant Ferris wheel and the piers constantly crowded with tourists getting on and off boats. On the other side The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. We turn around and we see in the distance St Thomas’s Hospital and County Hall. Here ends our London walk today.

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