Walking in Empty Central London 2020 |Oxford Circus and Oxford Street

Enjoy walking in empty central London with me. When the spring is here and the weather gets better, it is time to go out.

In the article you will read about:

  1. Lockdown and restrictions in London
  2. Oxford Circus
  3. Oxford Street
  4. Shops on Oxford Street

Lockdown and restrictions in London

Today I will take you with me for a walking in empty central London. As you all know currently the capital is under lockdown, same as many cities and many countries around the world. Unfortunately the situation is not that good. We want to be optimistic and see London like never before – quiet and peaceful. It is not completely empty, because England is trying to slowly ease the restrictions. Everyone is allowed to go out for walks and that is what we do today.

Oxford Circus

We will start at a very emblematic area – Oxford Circus. It is located on the largest shopping street in London – Oxford Street. This is usually one of the busiest stations during daytime. Today it is empty with a few people cycling or walking around. None of the shops are open as per government advice. This will change soon, because the first dates for reopening have been announced and that will be the middle of June. 

Oxford Street

Walking in empty central London feels like being in a ghost town. Oxford Street is mainly for shopping. Currently all of the fashion retailers are closed. We can still notice here and there some coffee shops and places to get a quick snack. There are also some offices. If you like browsing the shops, this is the place for you. The street is 1.9 km length full of different retailers. Get ready for a long walk. For some people it is too much, so you can use a bus or Tube to skip some parts. On the one side of it is located the Tottenham Court Road station. In the middle we have Oxford Circus and Bond Street and on the other end is Marble Arch station. It is preferably not to waste time with bus rides. This street always has very heavy traffic and it will be a time consuming journey. The Tube is fast and easy.

Shops on Oxford Street

The list of shops that you will find here is long. Most of them are high street fast fashion chains. This makes them an affordable destination for many tourists and locals. We can see the signs for H&M, New Look, United Colours of Benetton, ALDO, GAP and many more. Special attention here is for Primark, which I feel like is the most crowded of all. They have two shops on both ends of Oxford Street. Colourful windows full of the latest fashion trends. Nice coffee places and full of flavour snacks make Oxford Street unique open space. It is perfect for those of you that don’t like being stuck inside of an indoor shopping center.

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