London Reopens 2020 – Chelsea High Street and Sloane Square

Today’s London walking tour will be in a very nice and affluent part of London. I will take you to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Interesting fact is that it is the smallest borough in the capital. But it has a royal status.

Main aspects of the article:

  1. Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
  2. Chelsea King’s Road
  3. Recommendations for restaurants

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Firstly, why is this borough with a royal status? The reason is because Kensington Palace is located here. It is where Queen Victoria was born in 1819 and she lived until 1837. The royal status exists from 1901. If you want to see Kensington Palace in more details, please watch my video here:

The area attracted many popular people who own homes there. For instance, Rowan Atkinson, Eric Clapton, Paul Smith and many more.

Chelsea King’s Road

Our walk today starts from the Chelsea King’s Road. It is a full of life shopping area. Popular among locals and tourists, the street is usually crowded. Today we see Londoners out, but it is not full. The Covid-19 restrictions are still not fully lifted. People are slowly returning to their routine, adjusted with the social distancing.

Shopping is a favourite activity for many. Chelsea King’s Road offers a wide variety of brands. All the shops are nicely arranged. The colourful windows display the latest fashion trends. Here we can find clothing for men, women and children, accessories, cosmetics, home and decor.

You can find different brands on King’s Road in Chelsea. Among them are GAP, Amanda Austin Flowers, Handbag Clinic Chelsea, Peruvian Connection and more.

Plenty of choices and great way to spend your morning of afternoon. The relaxing walk will be complete with a lovely lunch or a cup of coffee. You can spot some delightful places for that on the way.

Recommendation for restaurants

Bluebird restaurant is a modern place. It has a big outdoor garden area, perfect for the sunny days. If you prefer more cozy and private table, choose one indoors. The menu you can see here:

Big Easy restaurant is another great option. They offer amazing lobster dishes. Check the menu here:

On King’s Road in Chelsea you can also find a great Italian shop. It has an insane variety of Italian food and wines. This shop brings the taste of contemporary Sicily to London. Follow the link for their online shop:

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