Tower Bridge, London


A staggering 40,000 people find their way past the Tower Bridge every weekday. If you are already wowed by what you see from its outside, you’ll likely be eerily floored inside. London’s Iconic Tower Bridge makes the cut if you are in for a memorable visit to London. Oozing a thumping presence right out the gate, it’s safe to assume the Tower Bridge is arguably one of London’s finest piece of architecture. The glass floor gives such an astonishingly amazing experience. Truly grand in structure and function, the bridge offers a scenic view of the buildings along its banks. Many tourists mistake this for the London Bridge, but the two are different. The Tower Bridge is way more architecturally grandiose than the London Bridge.

A ticket allows you to visit the old engine room, where you can see the inner workings of the old engine room and how it operated to lift the bridge. Afraid of height? No worries! The walkway is adequately enclosed to quash any jitters. So you can come along with your kids without bordering on their safety.

As pedestrian access is not restricted, the Tower Bridge can be particularly busy during the summer, so you probably want to visit during off-peak periods for a hassle-free experience. There are on-hand Guides for any enquiries you may have, but the visit is largely self-guided and safe for tourists.

There is also a Gift Shop if you opt to cash in on a takeaway to cap an indelible visit. The Bridge opens 09:30 to 17:00 every weekday, with a short hiatus between 24 – 26 December. Note that you don’t need to buy a ticket if all you want is simply walk across the bridge. But you need to buy one if you sign up for access to the sky bridge and other perks that come with the Tower Bridge Exhibition experience.