Regent Street, London

London is not short of shopping destinations. And Regent Street is another hub to look out for when surfing the finest fashion centres in London. The Street is majorly dominated by Shops, but you’ll often find places to sit and relax too. If you fancy staying in the heart of the city for a few days or more, chances are you’ll find a perfectly suitable location as there are plenty of high-end hotels around. From Cos to Zara, Reiss and All Saints, London Street houses a wide range of stores to ramp up your wardrobe needs. Hamleys is where you want to go for all the toys your baby needs, regardless of their age. Designer brands like Hackett, Armani, Moss Bros, Massimo Dutti and Calvin Klein are all available for the fashionista.
Looking for casuals and vintage style outfits? The Superdry store is where to get headed! For outdoor mavens, you’ll want to check out what’s on offer at the Hunter branch. The Burberry Store opens you to the home of British fashion brand, and techies would also want to check out Regent Street’s Apple store (no. 235).
Shopping all day can be exhausting. Thankfully, you’re greeted by a blend of high end and moderately affordable restaurants too. Most shops here open for long hours, stretching up to 19:30 every weekday, barring Sundays, with some staying longer on Thursdays.

Pizza Express and La Tasca are some reasonably affordable restaurant outlets in Regent. Sketch and Gaucho Grill are more high-end and expensive places for tourists who have a bigger budget.

If you are in for an all-day shopping trip in London, Regent Street is one destination to include on your checklist. And buzzing in an atmosphere of warmth and utter glamour, you likely won’t be disappointed spending some time with your family in one of London’s finest shopping destinations.