Walking in London’s Mayfair and The Dorchester Hotel | London Walk 2020

London has a lot to offer, especially in early Autumn. A walking tour in Mayfair area is the perfect option if you want to see a more posh and affluent side of the capital. Walking around Mayfair will amaze you with the luxurious restaurants, the unique boutiques and the stunning architecture. Eventually you will end up near the Dorchester Hotel, which is one of the best in London and many celebrities, film stars, writers and other famous people have chosen it for their stay here.

Please keep reading if you want to know more about:

  1. Oxford Street
  2. Mayfair – residential part
  3. Mayfair – shopping and restaurants
  4. Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair

Oxford Street

We start our walking tour today from a very popular among locals and tourists place – Oxford Street. It is the longest shopping street in London. In total its length is 1.9 km. Oxford Street has a very central location, easy accessible by Underground or bus. Our tour today begins at the West end of Oxford Street, where you can find shops like Primark, Zara, Marks and Spencer and of course the famous Selfridges. Usually the shopping district is full of people, but due to the Covid-19 the situation is different. We can see only the local people enjoying the fashion retailers. Many of the tourists are unable to visit, because of the travel restrictions and the quarantine.

Mayfair- Residential part

Let’s dive into the colourful Mayfair. Just a block away from the noisy Oxford Street and we find ourselves in a different atmosphere. The prosperous area borders Hyde Park, Piccadilly, Green Park and Regent Street. It is the perfect place to live, if you can afford it. It is not only one of the most expensive districts in the capital, but also in the world.

In the past Mayfair used to be a home for Queen Elizabeth II. During the World War II, Winston Churchill lived in several properties here. Among the luxurious and beautiful residential buildings, we can find many museums and galleries. Some of the famous ones are the Royal Academy of Arts, the Fine Art Society, the Handel House Museum and others.

In case you are interested in the prices of the apartments here, living here may cost you from 3 000 000 to more than 50 000 000.

Mayfair – shopping and restaurants

Mayfair is not only popular because of its luxury and high property prices. This is an area full of good quality restaurants and fashionable boutiques. Here are some recommendations for lunch or dinner:

There are plenty of other great options in Mayfair. In general I doubt there are bad choices here. All of the restaurants keep their standards high to please the clients. You do not need a special occasion to enjoy excellent food. This is the right area of London to do it.

Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair

The area is known for its splendid hotels. Many famous people stay in Mayfair when they visit London. The stunning architecture of most hotels is only the outside. The real luxury is inside.

Probably the best hotel here is the Dorchester. It is located on Park Lane, just across from Hyde Park. The year this gorgeous hotel opened is 1931. Since then it became a popular place among elite people. Nowadays Dorchester is known for the many famous people who stayed here: Barbara Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor, Alfred Hitchcock.

Amazing fact for the Dorechester Hotel is that it has five restaurants. No wonder it is so popular. You will be surprised how much a room would cost you for a night here. The deluxe double room has a price of about 500 pounds per night. If you would like to experience this or you are just curious to take a look inside the hotel, please check their website here: https://www.dorchestercollection.com/en/london/the-dorchester/.

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