London Walk 2020 | Russel Square to St Pancras and King’s Cross

A very nice area for a walk in London is Russel Square to St Pancras and King’s Cross. Autumn is a beautiful season and this walking tour will show us the colourful capital. The area has a lot to offer. Here you can find a variety of restaurants, pubs, shops and hotels. It is a vibrant district, which attracts locals and tourists every day.

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  • Start of the London walk: Russel Square
  • Walk around the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel
  • Walking tour around the British Library
  • St. Pancras International Station
  • End of the walk: King’s Cross Station

Start of the London walk: Russel Square

Today’s London walking tour we start from Russel Square. This is a popular residential area. It is also a good place to stay if you are a tourist. Plenty of hotels offer different options, depending on your budget. Russel Square is a green garden spot in the central part of the capital. Many visitors choose to stay in the are, due to its convenient transport links. Multiple bus stops will make your transportation to different parts of London easy and enjoyable. There is an Underground station with the same name. It is served by the Piccadilly line. It is the only Underground line which links Heathrow Airport Terminals 2 & 3, 5 to London. This is the main reason for many travelers to prefer a hotel in Russel Square. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes.

Russel Square has beautiful architecture and it is a pleasure to just walk the streets around to explore. There are nice restaurants, pubs and coffee shops. The lively neighborhood has a little bit of everything you need. The peaceful small streets, the cozy cafes, the delicious food in the restaurants. There is a nice shopping centre for those of you who enjoy a new outfit or maybe just to browse what the shops offer. For more details visit the website of the Brunswick Shopping Centre here:

Walk around the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel

Continuing the London tour we see probably one of the most impressive buildings in the area – the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel. It is a historic luxurious five-star hotel in London. The hotel first opened in 1900 and until 2018 its original name was the Russel Hotel. Later in 2018 it changed its name.

Interesting fact about the hotel is its interior design. The restaurant is popular with the identical to the famous Titanic dining room. Another similarity to Titanic is the bronze dragon on the second floor staircase. Many other sculptures and object make the hotel unique.

The room prices are around 140 pounds for a single room per night and around 250 for a double room. More information you can find here:

Walking tour around the British Library

One of the most visited places in London is the British Library. It is a place we can not miss in our London tour. Tourists from all over the world step inside to get to know the history of Britain. It is the largest library in the world according to all of the items catalogued. The British Library is beautiful outside and even more fascinating inside. It has a collection of every book published in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Imagine all of the value that is under its roof.

The library was created in 1973. In the beginning it was part of the British Museum. It is a functioning library and anyone who wishes to use it can do it. In order to access you need to sign up for a Reader Pass with a proof of address. Great fact is that many of the materials are available online. Especially today, during the Covid-19 pandemic this gives us the opportunity to read and find collections online. More about that and other information is available here:

St. Pancras International Station

Of course it will not be a true London tour if we do not visit one of the most important stations in London – the St. Pancras International Station. It is located in the central area of the capital and opened in 1868. The station is popular for the Eurostar transfers to France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It also has links to different parts of Britain.

You can not miss the building of St. Pancras International. It is absolutely phenomenal. The photos taken in front look like a real postcard. It is a true wonder of the Victorian Gothic architecture. The station nowadays is one of the most stylish stations in the world.

Information about the station and all departures and arrivals you can find here:

End of the walk: King’s Cross Station

Another important station is King’s Cross Station. Tourist often get confused between this and the St Pancras one, because they are located very close to each other. This is one of the busiest stations in London many commuters use it every day. It was opened in 1852 and served by the Great Northern Railway. In time it was expanded several times.

The station combines railway with Underground. As part of the London Underground this is the busiest interchange point in the capital. It combines six Tube lines – Circle, Piccadilly, Hammersmith & City, Northern, Metropolitan and Victoria.

A great reason for tourists to visit the King’s Cross station is its link to the Harry Potter movies. If you are a true fan of Harry Potter you will know the platform 9 3/4s. This is the place where you can find the platform and take a photo. The luggage trolley embedded in the wall is a must for all of you who love the books of J.K. Rowling and would like to experience the magic of the movies. There is also a Harry Potter shop inside the station. Please follow the link for more information:

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