Richmond upon Thames Town Centre to Richmond St. Helena Pier

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  2. Riverside and pub recommendations
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Richmond town center

When it comes to Richmond, we could easily acknowledge the fact that it looks like a separate town, not like a London’s neighbourhood. Once we get out of the Underground station, we fall in to the charming main street, full of coffee shops, restaurants and many many clothing shops. It is hard not to tempt yourself to spend some time browsing the little unique boutiques, some of which offer a wide variety of antique jewellery.

Along the way we will also pass well known shops like HM, Marks and Spencer, Dune and House of Fraser. The fact that Richmond is not in central London doesn’t make it less busy. You will see for yourself that there are plenty of people out, especially on a sunny day like this.

Riverside and pub recommendations

The main street leads straight to the river Thames. Beautiful riverside, loved not only by the locals, but by many geese, ducks and swans. During this walk you will see how they adore being fed by everyone and will quickly surround you if you have food.

Nice and relaxing place for lunch or dinner is the White Cross Pub. Because we do this walk in the winter months, we can’t miss the fact that this Victorian style pub has a fireplace, so you can not only enjoy a glass of wine, but feel the comfort and the warm atmosphere. The pub also serves the traditional fish and chips and many other delicious English meals.

Boat rides from Richmond

Moving forward, next comes St Helena Pier. It is located by the Richmond Bridge. From there during spring and summer, there are boat trips that take you to various destinations.

You may choose between: Kingston, Hampton Court, Kew Gardens. The journey to Kingston is around an hour and to Hampton Court Palace around 1 hour 45 minutes. It is totally worth it, especially if you have time and choose the return option. The boat has open and covered part and a bar for some refreshments or beer (they accepts cash only, so make sure you are prepared).

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