London Victoria, Belgravia and Sloane Square

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  2. Belgravia
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London Victoria

Today’s video starts in one of the busiest areas in London – Victoria, which is located in Westminster.The first thing to see in the considerably empty street due to the Covid-19 is Westminster Cathedral. A lot of you might be confused, because we also have Westminster Abbey, but the two of them are completely different landmarks.

Westminster Cathedral is the biggest Roman Catholic Church in England, built in 1903 by John Francis Bentley. The architecture is quite unique, because there are no metal or steel fortification and the structure is built almost only by brick. If you have the desire to visit the cathedral, you don’t need special arrangements or tickets booking. The entry is completely free. It is very easy to reach as well, because it is located 2 minutes away from Victoria station. Trains, Tube and buses stop there, so the choice of transportation is entirely yours.

Bringing up Victoria station, we have to mention that this is one of the busiest stations in the capital. It combines trains and Underground and just outside of its premises you will find a bus station as well. Victoria station is also a connection point for many commuters every day, exactly because it combines so many ways of transportation. It is located on the famous Buckingham Palace Road, which goes all the way to Buckingham Palace, a 10 minutes walking distance. The station also has a shopping center inside and many places for food and drinks.

If you take the opposite direction from Buckingham Palace on the same road you will reach the Coach Station. This is the station for all coaches that depart and arrive from outside London and even outside the country. All the coaches serving the airports in London also start from there.


Just there a few blocks away is located the Belgravia area. This is the most expensive residential area in London.  You will see that the style of the buildings and how big they are suggests that. If you wish to own an apartment there that would cost you millions. The famous Kate Middleton stayed in the Goring Hotel in Belgravia the night before her wedding. 

I will take you with me to explore the streets of Belgravia and to enjoy the architecture and the style of the buildings.

On the way I found a very impressive car parked in front of one of the buildings in Belgravia – Mclaren Senna which costs around 750 000 pounds.

We continue through Eaton Square Gardens, which are a nice green spot in the middle of the buildings. The gardens are private only for the Eaton Square residents, so unfortunately we can have a peak only from outside the gates.

Sloane Square

Our walk ends at Sloane Square. It is a very famous square, followed by a long street full of high end and very expensive shops. There are some nice restaurants and coffee shops there, offering delicious lunch options and refreshing drinks.

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