Pubs and restaurants reopen in London 2020, Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a very picturesque and unique part of London. It is famous for many reasons. Firstly, just look at its colourful flower displays. Check out the variety of shops. Today is a special day, because all of the pubs and restaurants in London and England reopen. The lockdown was hard. Over the past 3 months we did not have the chance to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner in one of the many cozy restaurants. Traditional dishes are served throughout the day. Nice cup of coffee or a glass of wine will make your experience even better. Furthermore you can read about:

  1. Covent Garden area
  2. Covent Garden Market
  3. Pubs and restaurants reopening
  4. Top restaurants in Covent Garden
  5. Shopping in Covent Garden

Covent Garden area

If you are visiting London and you are searching for different attractions and interesting places to see, Covent Garden will be in your recommendations. The lively and full of colours area is popular among locals and tourists. It offers a local market, many pubs and restaurants, variety of shops for everyone’s taste. Many street performances happen here. Why not listen to a delightful music from a street musician while you browse around the main square? Covent Garden is very easy to reach by public transport, because of its central loation. The Underground station is Covent Garden. It is served by the Piccadilly Line, Zone 1.

Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden has its own so to say square center. You can easily recognize it by the market. It is called Jubilee market. Small stalls will attract your attention. The traders are friendly and welcoming. You can find gifts and souvenirs for you and your loved ones. Some offer hats and scarfs, clothing. Others will present you a large variety of hand-made goods, for instance soap. The soaps are carefully packed with attention for the details and make a perfect gift for friends and family. Some stalls have antique jewellery. You can find a high quality leather goods. Take your time and browse around. Even if you do not buy anything, the Jubilee market will leave you with good mood and memories.

Pubs and restaurants reopening

The past 3 months have been hard for all of us. The lockdown imposed due to the Covid-19 slowed down even a busy capital like London. The crowded streets turned into a quiet ghost places. After the non-essential shops reopening last week life seem to be getting back to normal. Today is a big day. All of the pubs and restaurants are also allowed to reopen. They have strict safety measures and look for everyone’s safety and well being.

Covent Garden is popular with its pubs and restaurants. Here we can feel the real London atmosphere and to eat delicious traditional and international food. While we walk, we can spot the outside area of the pubs and restaurants getting full. Londoners were anticipating the moment they can have a pint and appreciate their favourite dish.

Pubs and restaurants reopening brings more joy to our life. We all like being out among others. Socializing is one of the best treats for people. Spending time with family and friends is a pleasure. The measures are still there, many signs warn us to keep our distance and follow the rules.

Top restaurants is Covent Garden

Talking about the best pubs and restaurants, we have to acknowledge it depends on the personal taste. But in this area of London are concentrated the best ones. You are a fan of Italian, Greek, Chinese or you want to try the traditional British food? You can find all of the options in Covent Garden.

Here are some recommendations for you: You can choose based on your taste and budget.

Shopping in Covent Garden

Favourite activity for many people is shopping. Browsing the shops in this area of London is easy. Everything is in one place and you do not need to waste time and energy.

In one hand, in Covent Garden you can purchase high-street fashion brands. Affordable retailers currently attracting with sales and discounts. On the other hand, many luxury shops also have their place here. The variety of shops gives the opportunity to all of you to find something. The list includes: Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Apple, H&M, NARS, Kiko Milano, MAC and many more. Full list you can find here:

In conclusion, we can see the capital is moving forward. Shops are back, pubs and restaurants reopen. Restrictions are starting to ease, but people are careful and considerate.

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