Leeds Castle, Kent (England) – Complete Tour Outside

If you are looking for an escape from the busy and noisy London, even for a day, why don’t you book a ticket to visit Leeds Castle?

I will introduce you to the following:

  1. Location
  2. Leeds Castle history

Leeds Castle location

The castle is actually not located in the city of Leeds. It is located in Kent and the nearest train station is Hollingbourne. The journey usually takes around an hour with an average price of 20 pounds. If you book in advance, you might even get a better deal. The trains depart several times per day from London Victoria Station.

Another town near the castle is Maidstone, just 8 km from it. From Maidstone, Leeds Castle is easy to reach by public bus or a taxi. Due to the short distance between the town and the castle, some people even prefer to walk.

Leeds Castle is one of my favourite places to visit and has it’s beauty in every season. The castle itself is surrounded by spacious green areas and a big lake. Be prepared with a camera, because there are plenty of spots for nice photos. Around the castle are located gardens and the famous maze. The gardens are most beautiful in spring and summer, but you can enjoy the maze throughout the year.

There are a few coffee shops for a quick bite and refreshments and also a very nice souvenir shop if you like to take home a memory from every place you visit.

Leeds Castle history

When you are making your way inside the castle, you will find yourself in a fairytale, because the atmosphere is unique. That is why Leeds Castle is a preferable venue for weddings, with a few bedrooms available to book and accommodate guests.

The nice and informative members of staff are ready to answer all of your questions and will also treat you with the local alcohol drink called mead, made exclusively and only in Leeds Castle. The drink is a variety of wine with honey, tastes sweet and delicious. You can also grab a bottle from the shop on your way out.

Leeds Castle was built in 1119 and since then was owned by several people including Robert Fairfax and Wykeham Martins. The last owner of the castle was Lady Baillie, who became owner of the castle in 1926. She changed the interior of the castle with the famous French architects Armand- Albert Rateau and Stephan Boudin.

Nowadays Leeds Castle is a top tourist destination in England with many visitors every day.

Other attractions within the premises of the castle are the boat rides, which you can enjoy only in spring and summer. Make sure you buy some bird food, because the lake is a home of many species including the black swans. They do not originate from England or the United Kingdom in general. Lady Baillie transported them from Australia. A funny fact that you probably will hear from the guides there is that the swans had their own seat in first class on the plane, because Lady Baillie wanted to make sure they will travel comfortably.

Leeds Castle is a totally worth day trip from London, so include it in your plans and you won’t regret it.

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