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Another day in London, another walk and another opportunity to find and see something new and exciting. Today this is Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel.

In this material you will find:

  1. Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel location
  2. Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel art
  3. London Eye

Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel location

When you type in Google “Things to do and see in London” you will find yourself in an ocean of attractions, museums, art galleries, parks, numerous landmarks. But if you have already seen most of them or if you feel a little adventurous to go out of the usual sightseeing experience, we got you. The place we will take you to see today is also for those of you who enjoy art, especially street art.
Leake Street is the place. It is hidden close to Waterloo station, so it is very easy to reach by tube, bus or train. Waterloo is one of the busiest stations in London and who would think that there is this small street all painted in graffiti, that is an escape from the crowds.

Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel art

Leak street is formed as a tunnel and everywhere you look is only graffiti. They are colourful and amazing, most of them painted there in 2008 by a famous, anonymous street artist named Banksy. He is also a political activist, whose views are closely promoted in his art.
Many photos on platforms like Instagram and Facebook prove how people enjoy the tunnel and Bansky’s work of art there.

Graffiti is illegal in the United Kingdom, so this is the only place that you will see it to such extent, because it is tolerated there. The only street or should we call it tunnel, where graffiti is not considered a felony. The street is about 300 meters long and is located right under the Waterloo station train tracks. The entrance is from York Road.

On the other side of Leak street is located a very nice street food market. The food is delicious and the prices are reasonable.

London Eye

Our walk continues to the South Bank of the river Thames for a lot of beautiful views, especially on a sunny day like this one. The most magnificent and eye catching attraction there is the London Eye. Huge structure with about 135 metres of height. The loop on the giant observation wheel takes around 20 minutes and depending where you buy tickets the entry fee may vary between 29 to 32 pounds. The London Eye is the second attraction in London that offers such a high view towards the city. The first one is the Shard. They are both worth visiting, so do not miss that.

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