Kensington Palace, High Street Kensington, Holland Park

In a sunny spring day like today I decided to take you with me for a walk. We will enjoy together the following locations:

  1. Kensington Palace
  2. Kensington area
  3. High Street Kensington
  4. Holland Park

Kensington Palace

We start by the walls of Kensington Palace, located at the very end of Hyde Park. The weather is nice and warm, people are out enjoying and sunbathing. London is coming back to normal. The palace is currently a home for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It is a beautiful building surrounded by gardens with blooming flowers and magical atmosphere. In the past Kensington Palace was the residence of princess Diana and her family.  Prince Harry and Prince William were raised there. Until recently there was a very nice exhibition of Diana’s dresses inside. 

If you are planning to visit London, here is the entry fee list of the palace: Tickets 

Kensington area

Kensington Gardens and the beautiful lake in the front of the palace are favourite places for relaxing and walking for many locals and tourists. You can enjoy a nice ice cream or a cup of coffee admiring the beauty this part of the park offers. 

Kensington is the area where most of the embassies are located. In our walk today you will see the Russia Federation Embassy. 

In just a few minutes walk the alleys of the park will lead us to the usually busy and noisy High Street Kensington. It is a main shopping street for the neighbourhood combining many clothing chains and food stores. The Government announced that very soon everything will reopen, so keep and eye for that if you will have some time and money to spend.

Holland Park

Walking down the High Street Kensington we can easily get to another beautiful green space in London – Holland park. It is one of the prettiest parks in the capital. There is a nice restaurant which often accommodates weddings and other events in spring and summer. There are also some coffee shops and ice cream places. 

The park during this time of the year is quite full of people, even with the current Covid-19 pandemic. People are having picnics and enjoying the warm weather. 

Unfortunately the most interesting place in Holland park is currently closed, I am referring to the Kyoto Garden. It is a breathtaking Japanese Garden, located in the heart of the park. The garden has a pond and a waterfall that gives a great sense of peace and chill. As soon as it reopens I will make sure to come back and give you a tour of it, because it is worth seeing. 

Kensington is not a cheap residential area, the prices here start from 2 500 000. People looking to purchase a property here would benefit from the lovely location and the green spaces ideal for sports and walks. Having two of the best London parks by walking distance is definitely raising the property prices. 

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