Covent Garden, China Town and Piccadilly Circus – London

Our walking tour today will start from a very famous area in London – Covent Garden. This is a real gem in the middle of central London. Locals consider it as one of the most picturesque, colourful and delightful places to have lunch or dinner. 

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  1. What is Covent Garden?
  2. Shops in Covent Garden
  3. China Town
  4. Restaurant recommendations in China Town
  5. Piccadilly Circus

What is Covent Garden?

With its unique atmosphere Covent Garden has many spots for photos. People do not come here only for the delicious food places. They also visit the small market located near the Covent Garden Station. You will find many small stalls offering souvenirs, vintage clothing and jewelry, soaps and many more. At the moment of filming this video the market is not open due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However I noticed some preparations for reopening in the near future. Covent Garden often has live entertainment like musicians and street performers. Locals enjoy the area as much as the tourists. On a normal day without lockdown the area is full of crowds. Everyone brows the market or enjoy a nice snack and a cup of coffee outdoors. 

Shops in Covent Garden

Unfortunately the Covent Garden I present you today is a bit more quiet and empty. The little streets leading to beautifully decorated stores leave a good impression. We can not go in any shops or sit in a nice pub. It does not mean that we are going to spend a day here without appreciating the small things. Take a look at the blooming flowers carefully placed on every corner. Look at the shops’ windows decorated with colourful clothes and shoes. Mentioning the shops, this is the perfect place to find some new outfits. Covent Garden has all of the well-known high street brands like H&M, Zara and others. There are some make-up and cosmetics chains like Kiko Milano, Mac. You can also find a pair of trendy sunglasses in Ray-Ban. Representing the high-end fashion – Chanel and Mulberry. 

China Town

Our walk continues and you can not even notice how smoothly the Covent Garden area moves to Leicester Square. Similar building architecture which is typical for central London. Near Leicester Square is China Town. Suddenly we see something different. The colourful Chinese culture is represented in just a few streets. It is done in such a way that everyone is curious to come and take a look or even better have a taste of the authentical food served here.

Restaurant recommendations in China Town

Plenty of small restaurants, most of which offer all you can eat buffet, currently take-away only. They are still open. If you want to avoid the usual crowds, this is your time to go and grab a few new things to try. One of the most signature things for China Town in London is the giant ornamental gate. Located in the middle it has the traditional Quing Dynasty design. From there if we look up we will see the amazing beautiful red street decorations. It is not easy to choose a place to eat there. Why not check this ranking list for details: The best restaurants in London’s Chinatown.

Piccadilly Circus

Our walk finishes near Piccadilly Circus and in particular – Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain. Usually this is a spot for street musicians leaving nice memories for the tourists. Everyone is walking around admiring the beauty of Piccadilly Circus and the beginning of Regent Street. The big red buses are passing so often. The colourful big advertising screen and the fountain make this one of the best spots in London. It brings the atmosphere that every tourist imagines to experience in the capital. Not very dynamic lately, but in just a few weeks London is preparing to open almost all of the shops. This place will be like we want to see it – full of life and people. 

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