China Town to Trafalgar Square, London, UK

London is a colourful city. The capital has diversity like no other city in the world. You can spot how the different cultures found a place here. The most visible sign for that is the food. In London you can find almost every country’s cuisine. Well-known traditional restaurants are: Italian, Chinese, American, Greek, Portugiese, French and others. The different cultures form this unique London atmosphere. It is welcoming and warm. China Town is an example of the Chinese culture brought to life in London. It is one of a kind area near Leicester Square. Bright red ornaments and decorations, variety of Chinese shops. Today’s walk will cover China Town to Trafalgar Square with the following highlights:

  1. China Town
  2. Leicester Square
  3. Trafalgar Square
  4. National Portrait Gallery
  5. St Martin-in-the-Fields

China Town

China Town is an example of the Chinese culture brought to life in London. It is one of a kind area near Leicester Square. Bright red ornaments and decorations, variety of Chinese shops.

The colourful Chinese culture is represented in just a few streets in such a way that everyone is curious to come and take a look or even better have a taste of the authentical food served here. Plenty of small restaurants, most of which offer all you can eat buffet. They are still open and if you want to avoid the usual crowds, this is your time to go and grab a few new things to try. The restaurants and pubs in London are allowed to reopen on the 4th July. Probably that is the time most of these places to eat will get crowded again. People anticipate to be able to go out and have a nice lunch or dinner.   

One of the most signature things for ChinaTown in London is the giant ornamental gate in the middle, which has the traditional Quing Dynasty design. From there if we look up we will see the amazing beautiful red street decorations. It is not easy to choose a place to eat there, so why not check this ranking list for details: The best restaurants in London’s Chinatown.

Leicester Square

    Walking from China Town to Trafalgar Square will bring us to another interesting area – Leicester Square. It is a pedestrian area, attracting locals and tourists throughout the year. There you can find pubs, restaurants and entertainment. For instance, get a ticket for a movie in ODEON cinema Leicester Square. You can check the options here: ODEON Cinema Leicester Square.

Trafalgar Square

    Continuing our walk through Charing Cross Road will take us to Trafalgar Square. In the distance in front probably most of you can recognize it with its tall Nelson Column. Trafalgar Square is usually very busy, but today not so much although we can see people out for a walk. Trafalgar Square is emblematic for London. Many demonstrations start there. It is a popular place for sitting on the steps and having a coffee or a quick bite. Nowadays it is not crowded like before, but hopefully it will get back to normal soon. Like a symbol of the square is the National Portrait Gallery at the back. In front you can admire the lovely fountains dancing for all of the visitors. 

National Portrait Gallery

    The National Portrait Gallery is for all of you who admire the art. The gallery will give you a great experience. It has been open since 1856. It was the first portrait gallery in the world. Nowadays inside you can find portraits of famous and important people in the history of Great Britain. The gallery is quite big and it takes time to walk around to see everything. More information regarding their opening times and what to see inside here: National Portrait Gallery

St Martin-in-the-Fields

Just across the street from Trafalgar Square is the beautiful structure of the St Martin-in-the-Fields. The church is available for worship from the 5th July. Social-distancing rules apply. More you can find on their website: St Martin-in-the-Fields.

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