Canterbury, Kent, England | Town Centre Walking Tour

If you are visiting London for a holiday and you have a spare day or you live here, but feel like you need a getaway, Canterbury is the right choice.

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How to get there?

This small and picturesque city is famous for many reasons and that’s why we decided to film a walk there, but first how to get to Canterbury. From central London you have two options – coach or train. The train cost depends on how long in advance you book your ticket, but usually is around 30 pounds and takes up to one hour to get there from London Kings Cross station. The coach is around two hours’ drive, but is significantly less expensive – 10 to 15 pounds from Victoria Coach Station.

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury is one of these places where the time just stops. Beautiful small streets full of shops and restaurants, little cozy places for coffee or tea, many pubs. Many tourists visit the city every year and this brings the highest income. One of the most famous sights in Canterbury is Canterbury Cathedral. Magnificent huge building built in 597, which makes it the oldest Cristian Cathedral in England. The cathedral was built from the beginning one more time between 1970 and 1977. The entry is not free – 12.50 per adult, but it is totally worth it. If you go on a Sunday and you want to stay for the service inside, they will let you for free.

Places of interest in Canterbury

Other places of interest in the city include: At Augustine’s Abbey, St Martin’s Church, Westgate Towers Museum and Viewpoint, Westgate Gardens. Near the Westgate Towers Museum is located one of the cheapest and most popular among locals’ pubs in England – Weatherspoon’s. Take advantage of a nice lunch or just a drink, try something local.

Although it is a small city, there are plenty of shops for those of you who enjoy shopping. You could find everything from big clothing brands to nice shops for chocolates and tea. Many souvenir shops, which offer beautiful small things to take home as memory of you nice day trip.

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