Oxford Circus and Oxford Street – [Walking Tour Map]

Today’s walking tour will cover Oxford Circus and Oxford Street. We will be walking from Oxford Circus along Oxford street until we reach Marble Arch and Primark.

I will take you to the main shopping district in London. Vibrant and colourful shop windows attract the customers. This part of the capital is usually very busy. It is a home for around 300 shops. A shopping haven, which offers mostly high-street retailers. Affordable shops that sell fast fashion. Everyone enjoys a good bargain, that’s why tourists love coming here.

Oxford Street is 1.9 km long. Be prepared, you need to walk a lot. If you prefer to skip some parts and quickly get from one end to another, simply take one of the many passing red buses.

Highlights in the video
Oxford Circus
Oxford Street
Bond Street Underground Station
Primark Oxford Street
Marble Arch

Watch this walking tour on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Fs28eg6-ycw

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