Covent Garden, London

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Covent Garden location and history

Located in Westminster, London, Covent Garden welcomes you to a rich collection of shops and restaurants as you’ll expect anywhere in the heart of London. If you love to see street performances, Covent Garden promises an exhilarating experience. The Covent Garden Market has over the years evolved from an antique-dominated place to a delightful location for items like clothes, posters, jewellery and whatnot.

Places of interest in Covent Garden

The East Colonnade Market is your destination for handmade soaps and sweet outlets. However, being almost always full of people, you want to ensure your wallet and other key accessories are far from the reach of pickpockets.
Covent Garden is also home to the London Transport Museum. Here’s where you’ll see a wide range of collections conserving the city’s transport heritage that has evolved over the years. For the uninitiated, the London Transport Museum leads the pack among the world’s museums of urban transport.
Dive into Covent Garden’s restaurants and there’s likely a great match for your taste buds. Some of Covent Garden’s five-star dining outfits include Petersham, Oystermen and Cora Pearl. You love chocolates, and Covent Garden won’t disappoint too! Enter Venchi and get ready to spoil yourself with a wide range of Italian ice-cream and cholate flavoured treats. Carluccio’s is yet another place to experience the finest Italian dishes for your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

For lovers of teas, Mariage frères promises a sensational experience, bringing the largest collection of the world’s teas within your reach. So whether fruit teas are your staple, or you like to go the herbal way, you likely won’t run out of options at Mariage frères. Head to to Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop for all the creative and educational toys you want to gift your baby. Whatever your shopping cravings are, Covent Garden promises an ideal destination to fulfil them.