Carnaby Street, London

For the budding tourist, a trip to London is always one to relish. Thanks to its scenic environment, vibrant economy and a host of attractions, London is home to over 8 million people, and a staggering 30 million tourists are headed its direction annually. Where their favourite locations are you ask? Well, there are more than a handful, and Carnaby Street is one of those.A short distance from Regent Street and Oxford Street, Carnaby Street arguably leads the pack for shopping enthusiasts looking to cash in on fashion items in the UK. You’ll also find dozens of restaurants and shopping malls as you stroll around Newburgh Street, Marshal Street and Kingly Street. Other streets crossing paths with Carnaby Street include Beak Street, Ganton Street, Fouberts Place and Lowndes Court. So, if you are in to rejig your office footwear, or include new additions to your collections of vintage clothing, you know where to go when next you visit London.
Away from the fashion rave, Carnaby Street is also home to Kingly Court – a truly delightful place to go if you are visiting London for the first time. Kingly Court stands out as the first point of call to quench the hunger fangs after an all-day stroll around the city. Here’s where you get the chance to dine in any of the long list of delightful restaurants, all offering plenty of recipes to ensure your taste buds don’t miss out on what’s on offer at Carnaby Street.
While the street has undergone marked developments and overhauling over the years, there are still a couple of buildings to take you back memory lane. So before your next stop, don’t forget to check out some of Carnaby Street’s original buildings at 7-8 Kingly Street, 10-12 Ganton Street and 17 Newburgh Street